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Moving home with your cat

Great advice from Britannia Movers International

During all the last minute arrangements you have to make when moving house it is just possible that your cat’s welfare might not be top of your priority list.  Here is some good advice from Britannia Movers International to keep your cat happy on moving day and make sure he doesn’t scarper off to the old house as soon as you arrive.

Advice on controlling moving day

Don’t let the excitement of moving home back you into a corner – Great advice from Britannia Movers International

If you have not moved home for a few years you’ll notice one striking difference when you do: the time between exchange of contracts and completion seems to be getting shorter.  That might seem like a good thing: but not necessarily.

It wasn’t long ago that house movers could rely on a good 30 days between exchanging contracts on a house sale (i.e. the time when neither party can pull out without penalty) and completion, when the house officially changes hands.  It was a standard period that allowed the solicitors to make the final arrangements, and provided sufficient time for home owners to look at organising schools, social arrangements, and measure up for curtains and carpets confident in the knowledge that in a few weeks they definitely would be moving in.  That’s all changed.

Advice on moving overseas

Taking the risk out of moving overseas

It’s not every day that you up sticks and move abroad. For most people it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – not one they’d want to repeat in a hurry. So it’s important to get the choice of your mover right first time. There are no second chances. Here’s some great advice from Britannia Movers International, the UK’s largest independent moving group.

If you’re relocating abroad you’ll want to know that your valuable possessions will arrive safely and on time. There can be no guarantees but, hiring a reputable professional removal contractor with the expertise to take care of all of your needs is a very good start.

Moving in winter?

Some good advice from Britannia Movers International

We don’t always get a choice of when we move. When the lawyer calls to offer a completion date we are all usually so relieved that we don’t check the weather forecast – or anything else for that matter. If we all had our way it would be glorious spring sunshine from sunrise to sunset on moving day. But the world doesn’t work that way. Move in winter and there’s a pretty good chance that the weather will be shocking.

So what can you do? On the assumption you don’t have a hotline to Thor, or any other deity who might be able to help, you will be restricted to damage limitation.