Moving in winter?

Some good advice from Britannia Movers International

We don’t always get a choice of when we move. When the lawyer calls to offer a completion date we are all usually so relieved that we don’t check the weather forecast – or anything else for that matter. If we all had our way it would be glorious spring sunshine from sunrise to sunset on moving day. But the world doesn’t work that way. Move in winter and there’s a pretty good chance that the weather will be shocking.

So what can you do? On the assumption you don’t have a hotline to Thor, or any other deity who might be able to help, you will be restricted to damage limitation.

If you have a dog, for example, it would be great if he went round to a neighbour for the day. This is true during a move at any time but when it’s raining all day, muddy paws are even less welcome.

Your moving company, of course, will be pretty good at handling a spot of rain or two. If the weather is looking bad they will set off a bit early so they can start on time, they will come equipped with carpet protectors, and they are fairly hardy souls so a little drizzle isn’t going to stop them doing their job. They will, of course, be mostly concerned about getting your things wet, especially if it’s a long distance move and definitely if you are moving overseas. They will take every precaution to keep things dry but it would be helpful if you could clear obstructions off the drive so the van can get as near to the door as possible. Amazingly, however, and contrary to popular myth, it doesn’t often rain all day in the UK (even in Manchester). It’s usually possible for the chaps to do the packing indoors and then load the van during the minutes when the deluge eases.  But it’s not the rain you should really worry about.

Sometimes, in winter, despite the efforts of global warming, the snow falls. It does so often with little warning and, when it does, the UK infrastructure is inadequate.  Everything stops. If that’s the day you chose to move house, you are probably staying put. Meanwhile, your buyer, who is the proud owner of a 4×4, wants to move into the house he now owns.  Problem!

Not really if you think ahead. If you know there’s a snow risk (any time between November and March that is) why not choose to move a day or two before completion day. If your new house isn’t ready, ask the moving company to hang on to everything for a while and enjoy a night in a posh hotel.  Spoil yourself as a reward for negotiating the sale successfully. If the snow falls, you’ve got a day in hand and there’s no need to panic.

Makes sense?

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