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Taking the risk out of Moving Overseas

It’s not every day that you up sticks and move abroad. For most people it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – not one they’d want to repeat in a hurry. So it’s important to get the choice of your mover right first time. There are no second chances. Here’s some great advice from Britannia Robbins members of the UK’s largest independent moving group.

If you’re relocating abroad you’ll want to know that your valuable possessions will arrive safely and on time. There can be no guarantees but, hiring a reputable professional removal contractor with the expertise to take care of all of your needs is a very good start.

Moving your belongings across borders and continents is a complex process involving packers, drivers, customs people, port authorities, shipping lines and a worldwide network of agents. This may sound like a tall order – but it’s all in a day’s work for an experienced moving specialist such as Britannia Robbins. Britannia has more than 40 UK branches, as well as an entire infrastructure of associated companies spanning the world that are at your disposal to help plan and implement your move.

moving-overseas-2For some, choosing an international mover can be viewed as a lottery – but it need not be. If you make the mistake of hiring the wrong mover the complexities of transferring your home contents halfway round the world can be fraught with problems. It is not something to be attempted by amateurs. You need a company that will make your move as stress free as possible, all the way through to your new home, including all the packing, handling, shipping and the delivery at the other end.

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Without properly prepared paperwork, for example, consignments entering some countries can be delayed or even refused entry. Britannia Robbins will do all the paperwork for you and it’s network of international partners will organise the customs clearance and delivery. This service is absolutely vital, especially now that the process has been made more complex since the events of 9/11 and subsequent global terrorist threats. Many countries also require all goods that enter to be warranted as packed by a qualified and recognised contractor. In some countries owner-packed consignments are no longer acceptable and all shipped items have to be accompanied by detailed inventories. As these regulations have a habit of changing – the advice Britannia Robbins will give you will be priceless.


moving-overseas-insuranceEven though shipping is very safe and Britannia Robbins pack everything carefully to help avoid damage, you’ll still need to have all consignments fully insured to cover replacement values at your destination. Britannia Robbins is ideally placed to provide you with an insurance policy specific to your needs. Do not be tempted to ship your goods uninsured no matter how carefully they have been packed. If you are not sure why, ask Britannia to explain the joys of ‘general average’ to you. It really isn’t worth the risk. Don’t forget that insurance premiums and other charges need to be paid in advance.

Financial protection

Britannia Robbins is a member of The British Association of Removers, (BAR), and it’s specialist Overseas Group. It’s standard practice in the moving business to ask for payment for overseas moves before the goods are shipped. Members of the BAR Overseas Group provide you with a prepayment guarantee for these advance payments that offer customer security in much the same way as ABTA does to travellers. Members are also in regular dialogue with qualified and experienced removal colleagues throughout the world to make sure their good service continues right through to destination. Customers can also benefit from negotiated ‘bulk buying’ deals that includes being able to buy packing materials at special rates, guaranteed container space and maximum freight and haulage rates to the most popular destinations.

Getting a quote

moving-overseas-quoteWhen comparing quotations ensure that identical information has been given to each company for the volume of goods to be packed and moved to ensure they are all quoting for the same service. If you obtain different quotes you need to consider whether everything is included in the price you are given. This should cover packing; port charges; standard customs & quarantine clearance (if applicable); delivery to residence and unpacking. Some companies will only deliver to the port of entry; movers that do this are best avoided because they will leave you facing probable delays and having to pay high clearance and delivery charges to your new home that will be beyond your control.

More than just moving

moving-overseas-moreOf course, when you’re moving overseas you need more than just a moving service and the modern moving industry is set up to provide you with everything you need to ensure a smooth relocation. Britannia Robbins services can include: transferring your money, opening bank accounts, organising visas, looking after your pets … even helping you to find a new house, find schools for your children and provide language training if necessary are all within the scope of the Britannia service.

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Overseas Moving Guide

Moving to a new country can be a scary business however, by following the advice in this article, you will be able ensure a trouble-free move.