Containerised Storage


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Why Container Storage?

Container storage is a modern and convenient way of storing your household goods. All of your items are wrapped and packed expertly, loaded into storage containers and everything remains sealed, secure and clean until the day it is returned. Your belongings remain untouched in the storage containers, and containers are lifted mechanically on our removal vans. This system minimises handling and ensures that your personal items and furniture are kept dry and secure.

Britannia’s Container Storage Service

  • Our removal team comes to your home or business
  • We professionally wrap and pack the items you want to store
  • We provide you with an itemised inventory.
  • We load your goods into your storage container
  • The storage container is sealed
  • The storage containers are returned to our storage depot
  • Containers are securely stored indoors in our warehouses
  • Once your container is safely in position, it will not be touched again until you need it
  • Container storage is a cost-effective, and safe storage option that keeps your effects in perfect condition
  • The storage containers hold approximately 7 cubic metres/ 250 cubic feet
  • Temporary access to your storage container can be arranged, but we do need some notice. If you need more frequent access, you should consider our self storage option.

Safe & Secure Storage

britannia robbins containerised storage loadingNot only are you items protected by the containers, but our storage depots are high-security warehouses. Your containers will be stored in a clean, dry and fire-safe environment. All premises are covered by monitored security systems and CCTV. You can thus rest assured that your storage container with your household goods is in safe hands.

Storage Insurance

We also offer a comprehensive container storage insurance for your goods while they are in transit and during storage.

What next?

britannia robbins student container storageWhen you move with Britannia Robbins you can be sure your home and its contents are in safe Hands.

Our Storage facility based in Swansea is a fully containerised to minimise handling of your effects, clean dry and secure.

Depending on your needs, we have a range of storage options available. If you will not need your items very frequently during storage and if you want a secure and cost-effective solution, container storage would be a perfect choice. If you would prefer to load the storage containers yourself, saving time and money, Self storage is a convenient way to store your items to which you need regular access. And if you are a student, read more about our student storage services

We will collect your belongings from your home, load them into our storage containers and return to our store and placed safely into warehouse and stored until you require them to be delivered.

Can I Store Everything?

We have special areas for effects that we do not store in containers, Carpets, Ladders, Piano’s etc.

Unfortunately, no plants foods or animals should be sent for storage. We are also unable to store precious items such as Jewellery, deed, or money for you, also we are unable to store Hazardous goods such as Paint, Aerosols, or Gas bottles/cylinders. If you are in any doubt on any items please contact us on 01792 584229  and we can advise on any items suitable or not suitable for Storage.

What if I need access to my belongings?

You may may have access to your effects whilst in store if needed, however please contact us if this is required. If you require regular access to your effects then our Self Storage Facility would probably suit you better.