Pet Transportation

Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time, but can also be quite stressful.

If you are also moving to a different country, this can seem to make things a lot more complicated, especially when you have to think about the furry members of your family. The best piece of advice when considering your pets is to give as much notice as possible.  We are very lucky in the UK in that the vast majority of the world will accept pets from our country.  However, there may be complex import requirements that need to be adhered to and these may take several months to arrange.  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding pet travel:

Where do the pets travel in the aircraft?

They travel in the special livestock hold of the aircraft which is fully pressurised & heated, exactly the same as the passengers upstairs.  Not all aircraft have a livestock hold, especially chartered flights, so please check with your chosen airline that they can safely carry pets.

Do I have to be on the same aircraft as my pet?

You can be, but it is not essential.  Pets can travel unaccompanied, but you have to have made arrangements to have them collected at the arrival airport if you haven’t arrived yet.

Some countries, such as Australia, will have a mandatory quarantine period for arriving pets.  In this instance, the quarantine facility will collect your pets from the airport.

What paperwork will my pets need?

This is completely dependent on the country that you are travelling to.

Each country have their own import requirements that must be adhered to.  Possible requirements may include import permits, export health certificates, mandatory vaccinations, blood tests and, as mentioned, sometimes even quarantine on arrival.

Note that if you are travelling through other countries en route to your final destination, you may also have to fulfil their import requirements  Can anyone help me with this?  I have too much else to arrange Yes, there are companies that specialise in the movement of pets all around the world.

They can provide a range of services from the basic flight booking & supply of approved travel kennel, right through to a complete door to door service inclusive of all paperwork & documentation. With the correct advice & assistance, moving with your pets needn’t be stressful or worrying. By clicking on the PetAir banner you can request a quotation from the experienced PetAir team.

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